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Hammerin Harry DIP Switches

Painstakingly typed in by Lawrence Wright (lwright@silk.net).  I take no 
responsibility for any errors or damage resulting from errors in this 
file.  AFAIK everything in this file is correct.  Enjoy!

(Pinout is Jamma)


Function          1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

# of Players	   1  2

	3		   O  O
	2            N  O
	4            O  N
	5            N  N

Difficulty              3  4

   Norm			    O  O
   Easy                 N  O
   Hard                 O  O
 V. Hard                N  N

Frequency limit
of continuation               5  

    No				     O
   Yes                        N

Continuation Mode                6

   Yes                           O
    No                           N

Sound in Demo                       7

    No                              O
   Yes                              N

Diagnostic Test                        8

    No                                 O
   Yes                                 N


Function         1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

Filp Picture (*) 1

   No            O
  Yes            N

Cabinet Type        2  3

  Table             O  O
 Upright            N  O
 Type III           O  N

Mode 1                    4  5  6  7  8

1 coin  1 play            O  O  O  O  O
2 coins 1 play            O  N  O  O  O
3 coins 1 play            O  O  N  O  O
4 coins 1 play            O  N  N  O  O
5 coins 1 play            O  O  O  N  O
8 coins 1 play            O  N  O  N  O
1 coin  2 plays           O  O  N  N  O
1 coin  3 plays           O  N  N  N  O
1 coin  4 plays           O  O  O  O  N
1 coin  5 plays           O  N  O  O  N
2 coins 3 plays           O  N  N  O  N
3 coins 2 plays           O  O  O  N  N
4 coins 3 plays           O  N  O  N  N
Continuation Coin         O  O  N  N  N
Free Play                 O  N  N  N  N

Mode 2                    4  5  6  7  8

Coin Mech A 
 1 coin  1 play           N  O  O
 2 coins 1 play           N  N  O
 3 coins 1 play           N  O  N
 5 coins 1 play           N  N  N

Coin Mech B
 1 coin  2 play           N        O  O
 1 coin  3 plays          N        N  O
 1 coin  5 plays          N        O  N
 1 coin  6 plays          N        N  N


 * Please operate DIP Switches with Power Switch OFF; otherwise they
   don't work. 
 * Select coin mode 1 in case a single coin selector or two selectors
   for coins of the same value are used.
 * Select coin mode 2 in case two coin selectors of coins of
   different values are used.
 * CONTINUATION COIN makes the gamee start with two coins and makes
   the game continue with one coin.  This mode does not allow any
   other coin modes to be set.
 * Player 1 and Player 2 controls are side by side.

(*) Lawrences note:  I left all spelling mistakes intact.  This is pretty 
much verbatim from the manual.  Any other requests for information 
regarding this game, feel free to email me at lwright@silk.net


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