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                                G A L A G A
                             by: Chris Griffin

We stumbled across yet another ancient bootleg of Galaga with 36 pins.
We checked on the Internet and on Wiretap, and found nothing on a 36 pin
version, so we sat down and decided to figure out exactly what the pinouts
and dipswitch settings were.  Here they are, I hope other people will find
a use for these pinouts on the rare 36 pin version.

Parts                      Solder
------                     -------
Sync                A|1
Green Video Signal  B|2
Blue Video Signal   C|3
1P Left             D|4   Red Video Signal
1P Right            E|5   +12V
1P Start            F|6   2P Start
Coin 1              H|7
                    J|8   +5V
                    K|9   +5V
                    N|12  Test Switch
Audio -             S|15  Audio +
GND                 T|16

NOTE:  There are obviously a few things missing here.  If you find the
       Cocktail table pin let me know.  There is probably a 2P Joystick
       also, but in the Upright mode, you just take turns with the same
       joystick, so I am unsure of what it would be.

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8        FUNCTION:
On   On   On                                Free Play
Off  Off  Off                               1 Coin/1 Credit
Off  Off  On                                1 Coin/2 Credits
Off  On   Off                               1 Coin/3 Credits
On   Off  Off                               2 Coins/1 Credit
Off  On   On                                2 Coins/3 Credits
On   Off  On                                3 Coins/1 Credit
On   On   Off                               4 Coins/1 Credit
               DIPSWITCHES 4-8 CONTROL
               BONUSES, SORRY BUT I DIDN'T
               TAKE THE TIME TO FIGURE
               THEM OUT.  IF YOU'D LIKE TO,
               PLEASE E-MAIL THEM TO ME.

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8        FUNCTION:
Off  Off                                    Rank A
On   On                                     Rank B
Off  On                                     Rank C
On   Off                                    Rank D
          ?                                 Not Sure Yet
               On                           Sound in Attract Mode
               Off                          NO Sound in Attract Mode
                    On                      Halts Game (YES! A PAUSE!)
                    Off                     UNPAUSED
                         ?    ?    ?        Not Sure Yet

We hope this will help other people who have maybe found another one like
this.  Like I said, we have never seen or heard of one like it until now...
If you'd like to fill in some blanks that we left, feel free to E-Mail us at:

Chris Griffin


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