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(as typed in by Dr. Inferno, Jason Bardis, jasonbar@engineering.ucsb.edu,
 directly from the Space Panic manual, so, if these are wrong or make
 your Space Panic blow up, 'snot my fault.  I had both Video Connection's
 pinout sheet and the manual--they had a few discrepancies between the two
 and the manual's wiring diagram is less than elegant, but I think this
 is all okey-dokey.

COMPONENT SIDE                         SOLDER SIDE
    GND                   1   A           GND
    GND                   2   B           GND
    +5V                   3   C           +5V
    +5V                   4   D           +5V
    +12V                  5   E           +12V
    -5V                   6   F           -5V
    GND                   7   H           GND
    +18V (audio thing?)   8   J           +18V (audio thing?)
    N/C (service?)        9   K           N/C
    COIN1 SLOT/COUNTER   10   L           AUDIO (line)
    1P CLOSing           11   M           N/C
    2P CLOSing           12   N           TILT
    1P UP                13   P           2P UP
    N/C                  14   R           N/C
    1P RIGHT             15   S           2P RIGHT
    N/C                  16   T           N/C
    1P DOWN              17   U           2P DOWN
    N/C                  18   V           N/C
    1P LEFT              19   W           2P LEFT
    N/C                  20   X           N/C
    1P START             21   Y           2P START
    1P HOLing            22   Z           VIDEO RED
    2P HOLing            23   a           VIDEO GREEN
    COIN2 COUNTER        24   b           VIDEO BLUE
    COIN2 SLOT           25   c           COMPOSITE SYNC (-)
    GND                  26   d           N/C
    GND                  27   e           GND
    N/C                  28   f           GND


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