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Repair Queue

1DoneShredsoDonkey Kong (TKG)Dead PCB
2DoneScott HSuper Punch-Out!!Down and coin inputs, misc gfx issues, Fixed broken trace and bad PROM at 8E.
3DoneMike HPunch-Out!!extensive battery damage, Replaced bad eproms, 8F and 6E, board freezes after "Ladies and gentlemen...", repaired broken traces, board now won't boot.
4DoneMark HDonkey KongTKG4
5DoneJames MDonkey KongTKG4
6Donexxxxx xDouble Donkey KongUpgrade complete
7Donexxxxx xDonkey Kong JrComplete
8DoneNick C TKG4 Donkey Kong2114 Ram errors, line 2 on row 4, replaced CPU and bad 7E on Video board
9DoneJohn KTMA1 Mario BrosBench test
10DoneRobert KTKG4 Donkey KongDouble girders, swapped Video PCB
11DoneJeremy CSuper Punchout!!Dead board, 3 bad code roms on CPU, 1 bad video eprom, replaced bad VID pcb.
12DoneSuzette PMs PacSplit screen and difficulty, seems fast. Removed difficulty jumper, restrapped 285 Card. Now Tests good.
13DoneJaime STPP2 PopeyeBench Tested Good
14DoneRobert LDonkey KongTKG4
15DoneClay NDonkey KongTKG4 - No sync, bad 2SC828 at Q12
16DoneJohn WTMA Mario BrosPlayer and Enemy sprite pixels missing, missing color bar, test sounds too.
17DoneNicolasGalagaWon't boot, white screen, replaced bad CPU, Roms are good, reflowed socket on 42 pin custom.
18DoneDavid FGalagaInputs not working, can't start game... Board tests good.
19DoneDylan CPP-1000ADOA, id cap kit, and replaced 5V adjustment pot.
20DoneJeremy CSPOWarranty, can't coin up... (tests fine, only one coin input on SPO, pin 32)
21DoneJeremy YTKG4 Donkey KongBad digital sounds, missing jump/walk, bad play (Replaced 5A amd 556 timer, Reseated 8035, cleaned up edge connector and video board corrosion)
22In QueueDavid MDonkey Kong 3DKC
23In QueueShredsoTKGWarranty, cannot access cpu ram, holes in sprites.
24In QueueJaime STMA1 Mario BrosBurned CPU pcb, VID Pcb tested OK.
25In QueueJaime STMA1 Mario BrosBurned CPU pcb, video board dead.
26RCVDJosh RTKG3 Donkey KongNext step: Test
27RCVDJosh RTKG3 Doneky KongNext step: Test
28RCVDNelson LBurgerTimeand other boards, Next step: Test
29StalledShawn BFalcon Crazy KongMissing sprites
30StalledShawn BOrca CongorillaWon't boot, garbage screen


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