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Nintendo Arcade Buttons & Assemblies

27mm Buttons and Colors

There are 9 official colors for these buttons:

  1. TKGU-23-31 - Blue
  2. TKGU-23-32 - Orange
  3. MDST-12-17 - Crimson
  4. MDST-12-21 - Black
  5. MDST-12-24 - Light Blue
  6. MDST-12-27 - Green
  7. MDST-12-31 - Purple
  8. MDST-12-34 - Yellow
  9. MDSU-12-07 - Red
Which cabinets had what colors?
  • TKGU Donkey kong uprights
    (2 Blue, 1 Orange)
  • TKGS Donkey kong cabaret
    (2 Blue, 1 Orange)
  • DJRU Donkey kong Jr Uprights
    (2 Blue, 1 Orange)
  • TPPU Popeye uprights
    (2 Blue, 1 Orange)
  • TPPT Popeye tables
    (2 Blue, 1 Orange)
  • DKCU Donkey Kong 3 uprights
    (2 Blue, 1 Orange)
  • TMAU Mario Bros uprights
    (2 Blue, 2 Orange)
  • CHPU Punch-Out!! uprights
    (2 Orange)
  • CHSU Super Punch-Out!! uprights
    (2 Orange)
  • CHVU Arm Wrestling uprights
    (2 Orange)
  • MDGU VS Unisystem uprights
    (1 Light Blue, 1 Green, 2 Black, 2 Red)
  • MDST VS Dualsystem table
    (4 Black, 4 Crimson, 3 Light Blue,2 Green, 2 Yellow, 2 Purple)
  • MDSU VS Dualsystem uprights
    (4 Black, 4 Right)
  • PCHU Play Choice 10 uprights
    (2 Black, 2 Red)
  • RTPU R-Type Uprights
    (1 Light Blue, 1 Green, 2 Black, 2 Red)

Nintendo 27mm Button Assemblies

This page is my attempt to make sense of which each button assembly looks like for each game there were used on. Some used larger spacers, some used roller microswitches, while others used straight lever microswitches.

Below is a typical Nintendo Pushbutton assembly.

After initial installation and adjustment, there should be no need for maintenance, with the exception of cleaning the top of the button while cleaning the control panel.

If you have missing or worn pieces, we carry a complete line of replacements parts for these assemblies in the online store.

TKGU button assembly


Introduced on Donkey Kong, this assembly was used for all the following cabinets with wood control panels:

  • TKGU Donkey Kong upright (all versions)
  • TKGS Donkey Kong cabaret
  • DJRU Donkey Kong Jr upright
  • TPPU Popeye upright
  • TNXU Sky Skipper uprights

TPPT button assembly


Introduced on Popeye Table, this assembly was used for the following cabinets with metal control panels:

  • TPPT Popeye Tables
  • MSDT VS Table 'Select' buttons

The difference is the addition of:

  • TPPT-23-33 a 15mm high collar

TMAU button assembly


Introduced on Mario Bros upright, this assembly was used for the following cabinets with metal control panels:

  • TMAU Mario Bros uprights
  • DKCU Donkey Kong 3 uprights
  • CHPU Punch-Out!! uprights
  • CHSU Super Punch-Out!! uprights
  • CHVU Arm Wrestling uprights
  • MDST VS Table 'action' buttons
  • MDSU VS Uprights
  • PCHU Play Choice 10 Uprights
  • RTPU R-Type Uprights

The difference is the addition of:

  • 17: TMAU-34-18 Microswitch w/straight lever
  • 18: TMAU-12-18 7mm high collar

Specialty Buttons
Punch-Out!! K.O. Button assembly


Only found on Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!! uprights

  • CHPU Punch-Out!! uprights
  • CHSU Super Punch-Out!! uprights

19mm Round Capped switch assembly

There are 4 official colors for these buttons:

  1. TST-13-08 - Blue
  2. TST-13-09 - Green
  3. TST-13-10 - Red
  4. TST-13-11 - Yellow
... from the Space Firebird Manual


Found on many tables and uprights:

  • Space Demon - Table, Cabaret and Upright
  • Space Firebird - Table and Upright
  • Sheriff - Table and Upright
  • HeliFire - Table and Upright
  • Radar Scope - Table and Upright
  • Donkey Kong - Table
  • Donkey Kong Jr - Table


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