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I know it looks crude, but these are the official Bubble Bobble dip
switch settings.  Send errors to: djbarnes@eos.ncsu.edu

Bank A:
                                1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8
Screen          Normal          on      off
                Invert          on      on
Test            normal                          off
                test                            on
Pause (in game) normal                          off
                pause                           on
Attract sound   on                                      off
                off                                     on
Coin 1          1 c 1 p                                         off     off
                1 c 2 p                                         on      off
                2 c 3 p                                         off     on
                2 c 1 p                                         on      on
Coin 2          1 c 1 p                                                         off     off
                1 c 2 p                                                         on      off
                2 c 3 p                                                         off     on
                2 c 1 p                                                         on      on

Bank B:
                                1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8
Difficulty      medium          off     off
                easy            on      off
                med-hard        off     on
                hardest         on      on
Bonus   30k,100k,400k                           off     off
        20k,80k,300k                            on      off
        40k,200k,500k                           off     on
        50k,250k,500k                           on      on
Number of plays         3                                       off     off
                        5                                       on      off
                        1                                       off     on
                        2                                       on      on


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