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From: "John Emmer" <JPE1@PSUVM.PSU.EDU>

I don't remember if the switches are labelled 'A' and 'B' on the board
or not, but that's how they are referred to in the manual, and 'A' is the
one closer to the pinouts.

     Switch A    ( * indicates factory recommended settings )

    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
   off off                             3 fighters *
   off on                              2 fighters
   on  off                             4 fighters
   on  on                              5 fighters
           off off                     1 coin = 1 credit *     (coin 1)
           off on                      1 coin = 2 credits
           on  off                     2 coins = 1 credit
           on  on                      3 coins = 1 credit
                   off                 sound in attract mode
                   on                  no sound in attract mode *
                       off             (not used - should stay off)
                            off off    1 coin = 1 credit *     (coin 2)
                            off on     1 coin = 2 credits
                            on  off    2 coins = 1 credit
                            on  on     3 coins = 1 credit

     Switch B

    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
   off                                 normal *
   on                                  test
       off off on                      level 1 (easiest)
       off off off                           0 (standard) *
       off on  off                           2 (progressively
       off on  on                            3    more difficult)
       on  off off                           4
       on  off on                            5
       on  on  off                           6
       on  on  on                            7
                   off                  normal *   Round Advance
                   on                   advance     (see note below)
                       off off off      100, 300 and every 600  Bonus Ships
                       off off on       150, 400         (in hundred housands)
 [Note: on my machine  off on  off      150, 400 and every 900
   these switches did  off on  on       100, 300 and every 300
   _not_ have the      on  off off       50, 200 and every 300
   indicated effect]   on  off on        50, 150 and every 600
                       on  on  off       50, 150 and every 300
                       on  on  on        30, 150 and every 600 *
Round Advance note: By turning 'on' the option switch while 'parsec' is being
  indicated on the screen, you can advance through the 'rounds'.  Push the one
  player control lever forward (player number one _up_ switch is 'on') to
  indicate the number.  The indicated round number will appear on the monitor
  screen when the option switch is turned 'off'.

     The round advance stuff is as written in the manual.  I have not tested
this function.  Also, as indicated above, the bonus ships settings do not
affect my machine as indicated above - I just experimented to get the best mix
I could find.  The manual these are copied from is marked 'PRELIMINARY', so
some things may have been changed in the final release version of the game,
but everything else seems to work as indicated.
     Hope this helps.  This is a fun game, which I happened upon completely by
chance.  I actually bought the cabinet intending to convert it to Bosconian,
since I had never heard of Gaplus.  But when I got it working, I liked it and
decided to keep it that way.  It's hard though, my high score so far is
217,600 - I don't think it's likely that I'll be getting that bonus ship
'every 600,000' anytime soon!  Have fun!



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