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(8-position switch at SW1 at location 13/14S)

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   Meaning
					Starting Lives
                                free play	1 Coin Setting   2 Coin Setting

Off Off                         2               3                5 *           
On  On                          3               4                4
On  Off                         4               5                6
Off On                          5               6                7

					Game Difficulty

        On  On                  Hard                      
        Off Off                 Medium *              
        Off On                  Easy
        On  Off                 Demo

                                        Bonus Life

               On  On           Bonus Life at  50,000 Points
	       Off Off          Bonus Life at 100,000 Points *
               Off On           Bonus Life at 200,000 Points
	       On  Off          No Bonus Life
                                        Attract Mode Sound

                        On      Silence     
                        Off     Sound *

                                        Adaptive Difficulty **

                            On  No
                            Off Yes *


* Manufacurer's recommended settings
** Game Difficulty increases with player skill level

(Settings of 8-Toggle Switch on Game PCB SW2 at location 8S)

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8     Option

                        On  Off   Free Play
			Off Off   1 coin for 1 game ( or player)
                        On  On    1 coin for 2 games( or 2 player)
                        Off On    2 coins for 1 games ( or 1 player)*

                                  Right Coin Mechanism
                Off Off           Right coin mech X 1*
                Off On            Right coin mech x 4
                On  Off           Right coin mech X 5
                On  On            Right coin mech X 6

                                  Left Coin Mechanism
            Off                   Left coin mech X 1 * 
            On                    Left coin mech X 2
                                  Bonus Coin Adder

Off Off Off                       No Bonus Coins *
Off On  Off                       For every 4 coins, game logic adds 1 coin
Off On  On                        For every 4 coins, game logic adds 2 coins
On  Off Off                       For every 5 coins, game logic adds 1 coin
On  Off On                        For every 3 coins, game logic adds 1 coin

				  2-Coin Minimun**

* Manufacturer's recommended settings
** This game has the ability to select the 2-coin-minimum capability, which
requires the player to pay for two games in advance.  If you want this 
capability, short pin 6 on 13N to ground by soldering a short piece of wire
from ground to this point.


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