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From: Marc Levy <mal@hocpa.ho.att.co
Subject: Re: Switch settings for Mr. Do?
Date: Thursday, March 14, 1996 4:13PM

> Anyone out here know the switch settings for Mr. Do?
Sure!  Just happen to have the right here!

(I have been pulling my hair out to fix my Mr. Do! PCB!)

for PCB 8201

Dip Switch A

Number of Mr. Do's  SW1  SW2
     3         OFF  OFF
     4         OFF  ON
     5         ON   OFF
     6         ON   ON

Game Style     SW3
Table          Off
Upright        On

Ease or Hardness of "EXTRA"   SW4
Easy to win              OFF
Hard to win              ON

Ease or Hardness of "SPECIAL" SW5
Easy to Win              OFF
Hard to win              ON

Automatic Screen Reneral      SW6  (What the hell does this mean?!)
Can                 OFF
Cannot                   ON

Ease or Hardness of Game SW7  SW8
1 (Average)              OFF  OFF
2                   OFF  ON
3                   ON   OFF
4 (Hard)            ON   ON

Dip Switch B (Coin and Credit)

Left Side Chute
Coin  Credit   SW1  SW2  SW3  SW4
  1  1    OFF  OFF  OFF  OFF
  1  2    OFF  OFF  OFF  ON
  1  3    OFF  OFF  ON   OFF
  1  4    OFF  OFF  ON   ON
  1  5    OFF  ON   OFF  OFF
  2  1    OFF  ON   OFF  ON
  2  3    OFF  ON   ON   OFF
  3  1    OFF  ON   ON   ON   (Ya! 75 Cents for 1 play!!)
  3  2    ON   OFF  OFF  OFF  (A real bargain!)
  4  1    ON   OFF  OFF  ON   (A EMPTY ARCADE!! Get a life!)

All other combo's of switches are 1 coin 1 credit.

For the right side shoot, it is the same but SW5=SW1, SW6=SW2, and so on!

Good luck!


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