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(as typed in by Dr. Inferno, Jason Bardis, jasonbar@engineering.ucsb.edu,
 directly from the Rampage DIP switch sheet stapled to the inside of my
 cabinet and from the Rampage manual--actually, neither of these sheets
 is quite correct, so I still had to do a little trial and error...but,
 if these are wrong or make your Rampage blow up, 'snot my fault.)

SW1,2: # difficulty
off   off   1 (factory setting)
on    off   0 easy
off   on    2 advanced
on    on    1 plus free play

SW3: score option
on    lose score when continuing
off   keep score when continuing

SW4: coins/credits for chute 1
on   1 coin/credit
off  2 coins/credit

SW5,6,7: coins/credits for chute 2
SW5    SW6    SW7    COIN   CREDIT
off    off    off    1      1
on     off    off    1      2
off    on     off    1      3
on     on     off    1      4
off    off    on     1      5
on     off    on     1      6
off    on     on     2      1
on     on     on     3      1

SW8: rack advance
off    game play
on     rack advance (service button advances rack counter on bottom
                     center of screen--when the current city is finished,
                     next city will be indicated city number)

SW9: not used

SW10: freeze
off   normal video
on    freeze video

Note: factory setting is all switches off


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