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* From: ung@filenet.com (Bill Ung)

                       "Scramble" Dip Switch Settings

    SW #1   SW #2       Rockets              SW #3       Cabinet
    -----   -----      ---------             -----       --------
     OFF     OFF       Unlimited              OFF        Table
     OFF     ON            5                  ON         Up Right
     ON      OFF           4
     ON      ON            3

    SW #4   SW #5      Coins/Play            SW #6
    -----   -----      ----------            -----
     OFF     OFF           4                 Unused
     OFF     ON            3
     ON      OFF           1
     ON      ON            2

    DIP Switch Location:

    On my system, there is a two-board set.  Looking at the board with
    the edge connector, component-side up and edge connector at the
    top-left; the DIP switch is located in the upper-left quadrant of
    the board.  The switches are in a vertical formation, SW #1 at the
    top and SW #6 at the bottom.  ON is towards the right and OFF is
    towards the left.

    Volume Control Location:

    With the board in the same orientation, the volume control is
    accessible through the hole in the large metal heatsink located
    on the right-hand side of the board.  Turn clockwise to increase


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