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Game: Star Force
Manufacturer: Tehkan (now known as Tecmo)
U.S Tel#: 1 800 338 0336

Typed by: Tony Jones (ant@cray.com)

Switch 1 (edge connector facing up, rhs DIP package)
                1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8
Coin mech1
1coin/1play     O       O
2coin/1play     X       O
1coin/2play     O       X
1coin/3play     X       X

Coin mech2
1coin/1play                     O       O
2coin/1play                     X       O
1coin/2play                     O       X
1coin/3play                     X       X

3                                               O       O
4                                               X       O
5                                               O       X
2                                               X       X

Cocktail                                                        O
Upright                                                         X

Attract Sounds
ON                                                                      O
OFF                                                                     X

Switch 2 (edge connector facing up, lhs DIP package)
Bonus Life
50/200/500K     O       O       O
100/300/800K    X       O       O
50/200K         O       X       O
100/300K        X       X       O
50K             O       O       X
100K            X       O       X
200K            O       X       X
No bonuses      X       X       X

Default                                 O       O       O
Difficult 1                             X       O       O
Difficult 2                             O       X       O
Difficult 3                             X       X       O
Difficult 4                             O       O       X
Difficult 5                             X       O       X
Not used                                O       X       X
Not used                                X       X       X

** Switches 7/8 are not used, they should be kept OFF **


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