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Tank Switch Settings
Kee Games, 1974

Only these adjustments should be made on circuit board 1.

1) Master volume: Look in upper right area of board.  There is a small tab
on each of the pots.  When the two tabs are set to the same point, the
volume for both tanks will be the same.

2) Missile firing and explosion sound: Look in the upper left area of the
board.  There are two pots here as well.  Setting the tabs to the same
point will set the volume evenly between the two tanks.

3) Game time: There is only one switch located on circuit board 1.  Next
to this switch is the pot that adjusts game time.  This pot is preset at
the factory: switch in the $0.25 position, one game costs a quarter and
will last 60 seconds.  With the switch in the $0.50 position, one game
costs two quarters and will last 120 seconds.  The pot can be used to
fine tune the time.

Do not attempt to adjust any other pots on these boards, as they are
factory adjustments and tampering with them may have detrimental effects
upon the game.


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