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Targ (Exidy 1980)

  DIP SW 1  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   
                    ON                        CREDIT FOR HIGH SCORE
                    OFF                       EXTENDED PLAY FOR HIGH SCORE
                        OFF OFF               2 PL - 1 COIN
                        OFF ON                1/1  
                        ON  OFF               1/2
                ON      OFF OFF               1 GAME/10 PENCE COIN
                                              6 GAME/50 PENCE COIN
                OFF     OFF OFF               1 GAME/2-10 PENCE
                                              3M GAME/50 PENCE COIN
                                OFF OFF       2  # OF WUMMELS
                                ON  OFF       3
                                OFF ON        4
                                ON  ON        5
                                        OFF   QUARTERS
                                        ON    PENCE


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