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(SW2 = 10-position switch at A13 on 68000 CPU BOARD)

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  Meaning
On  On                                  ( Unused )
Off On                                  ( Unused )
On  Off                                 ( Unused )
Off Off                                 ( Unused )
        On                              Free play
        Off                             No free play
            On                          1 coin per life unit
            Off                         2 coins per life unit
                On                      1000 hit points per life unit
                Off                     2000 hit points per life unit
                    On                  Attract mode sounds ON
                    Off                 Attract mode sounds OFF
                        On  On          Difficulty = Medium
                        Off On          Difficulty = Easy
                        On  Off         Difficulty = Hard
                        Off Off         Difficulty = Medium
                                On      ( Unused )
                                Off     ( Unused )
                                     On Freeze Mode
                                    Off Normal game play

Operator-recommended settings are all switches OFF, for no free play,
1 coin per 1000-hit point life unit, attract mode sounds activated,
medium difficulty, and freeze mode off.


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