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Typed in from original Taito Manual

GAME PC BOARD (998841)

9-PIN CONNECTOR (Labelled 'P')
P-1	-12V		Orange	[to B-15]
P-2	-12V		Orange	[to B-15]
P-3	NC
P-4	+12V		Blue		[to B-16 and D-5]]
P-5	GND		Black		[to B-5]
P-6	GND		Black		[to B-4]
P-7	NC
P-8	+5V		Red		[to B-11]
P-9	+5V		Red		[to B-10]

4-PIN CONNECTOR (Labelled 'J')
J-1	Speaker GND	Black 
J-2	NC
J-3	NC
J-4	Speaker Out	White

4-PIN CONNECTOR (Labelled 'E')
E-1	Volume	White		[to Volume Pot wiper]
E-2	Volume	Red		[to Volume Pot]
E-3	NC
E-4	GND		Shield	[to Volume Pot shield]
					*Volume pot is noted on wiring as 100 Ohms

10-PIN CONNECTOR (Labelled 'Q')
Q-1	Option Switch	Brn/Grn	[to S-1]
Q-2	Option Switch	Brn/Blu	[to S-2]
Q-3	Option Switch	Org/Wht	[to S-3]
Q-4	Option Switch	Wht/Blk	[to S-4]
Q-5	Coin			Brn/Wht	[to Counter Drive PCB Assy D-2]
Q-6/7* Tilt			Wht/Org	[to C-8]	
Q-8	NC
Q-9	NC
Q-10	GND			Black		[to S-5]
*Wiring Diagram error: Tilt is sown on the PCB diagram as on pin 7, but the wire is shown
                       coming out of pin connector 6, so you'll need to check!!

20-PIN CONNECTOR (Labelled 'M')
M-1	Down			Brn/Blu
M-2	Right			Org/Blk
M-3	Left			Org/Wht
M-4	Up			Wht/Brn
M-5	2P Select		Grn/Blu
M-6	1P Select		Wht/Org
M-7	Fire			Ylw/Blk
M-8	Mega Blaster	Wht/Blk
M-9	NC
M-10	GND			Black
M-11	Erradicator		Red/Blk
M-12	NC
M-13	NC
M-14	NC
M-15	NC
M-16	NC
M-17	NC
M-18	NC
M-19	NC
M-20	NC


7-PIN CONNECTOR (Labelled 'T')
T-1	Video Red		Red		[to Monitor* O-1]
T-2	Video green		Green		[to Monitor* O-2]	
T-3	Video Blue		Blue		[to Monitor* O-3]
T-4	Video GND		Shield	[to Monitor* O-4]
T-5	Hor. Sync		Blk		[to Monitor* N-1]
T-6	Vert Sync		Wht		[to Monitor* N-3]
T-7	NC			(if true to Defender or Qix, this MAY BE an undocumented
				 Composite Sync)
* Monitor is Noted as a Electrohome 14" or 19" with a 3-pin Connector (N-1 to N-3),
		and 6-pin Connector (O-1 to O-6) Manual says elsewhere the monitor maybe a Wells
		Gardner and the Monitor Manuals ref is 72-00003-001)

9-PIN CONNECTOR (Labelled 'R')
R-1	GND	(r1 to r3 shown tied on PCB, & R-1 doesnt have a connector to the power supply)
R-2	GND			Blk		[to B-6]
R-3	GND			Blk		[to B-3]
R-4	NC
R-5	+12V			Blue		[to B-14]
R-6	NC
R-7	+5			Red		[to B-12]
R-8	+12v			Blue		[to B-14]
R-9	-5V			Brn		[to B-13]


10-PIN CONNECTOR (Labelled 'D')
D-1	Service SW		Wht/Brn	
D-2	Coin			Brn/Wht	[to Q-5]	
D-3	to Coin Counter	Blu/Orn
D-4	NC
D-5	Coin Counter +12V Blu		[to P-4 and B-16]
D-6	NC
D-7	 +5V			Red		[to B-9]
D-8	to Coin SW		Wht/Ylw	[to C-3]
D-9	NC
D-10	GND			Black		[to B-8 and C-1 and Service SW GND]

9-PIN CONNECTOR (Labelled 'C')
This is not part of the above PCB, but not identified elsehere so I presume its a option
panel mounted behind the con door or somewhere...
C-1	GND			Black		[to D-10 and B-8 and coin door bulb!]
C-2	Coin SW GND		Black		[wired in with C-1]
C-3	Coin Cw		Wht/Ylw	[to D-8]
C-4	NC
C-5	NC
C-6	NC
C-7	NC
C-8	Tilt Sw		Wht/Org	[to Q-6/Q-7]
C-9	-12V			Org		[to B-15 and P-1, use to power coin door bulb!]	

16-PIN CONNECTOR (Labelled 'B')
B-1	Reset*
B-2	Tilt*
B-3	GND			Black		[to R-3]
B-4	GND			Black		[to P-6]
B-5	GND			Black		[to P-5]
B-6	GND			Black		[to R-2]
B-7	GND			Black		[to Q-10 and S-5]
B-8	GND			Black		[to D-10 and C-1]
B-9	+5V			Red		[to ]
B-10	+5V			Red		[to ]
B-11	+5V			Red		[to ]
B-12	+5V			Red		[to ]
*Reset and Tilt seem to be internal to the Reg, not Tilt Switch or reset lines!

3-PIN CONNECTOR (labelled 'A')
A-1	AC 120 vac/220 vac		to Noise Filter then onto Iso Tranformer
A-2	NC
A-3	AC 120 vac/220 vac		to Noise Filter then onto Iso Tranformer

1-6	Lugs
For 120VAC	-	Wht Wire to Term 1&4
			Blk Wire to Term 3&6
For 220VAC	-	Wht Wire to Term 1
			Jumper Term 2 & 4
			Blk Wire to Term 5


Original Colony 7 pintouts from Wiretap (totally different and seemingly incomplete!):

                      COLONY 7

 MAIN BOARD                                                      ROM BOARD
 9-PIN CONN    7 PIN CONN                                        9 PIN CONN
 ----------    ----------                                        ----------
  1  GND        1  VID                                           1  -12V
  2  GND        2  VID                                           2  -12V
  3  GND        3  VID                                           3
  4  GND        4  GND                                           4  +12V
  5  +12V       5  VERT SYNC                                     5  GND
  6  +5V        6  HOR SYNC                                      6  GND
  7  +5V        7  COMP SYNC                                     7
  8  +12V (ENABLE)                                               8  +5V
  9  -5V                                                         9  +5V


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