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Atari DigDug

(44-pin .156 Card Edge)


+5V B 2 +5V
Audio A 1 C 3 +36VAC 4
Audio B 1 D 4  
10.6 VDC 3 E 5  
Table 2 F 6 P2 Start LED
Test H 7 Counter 1
Coin 1 J 8 Service
P2 Start K 9 Coin 2
P2 Button 1 L 10 P1 Start
P2 Left M 11 P1 Button 1
P2 Right N 12 P2 Down
P1 Left P 13 P2 Up
P1 Right R 14 P1 Down
P1 Start LED S 15 P1 Up
Lockout T 16 Counter 2
V. Sync U 17 V. GND
  V 18  
V. Blue W 19 V. Red
  X 20 V. Green
+5V Y 21 +SENSE 5

 LEGEND  Description
1Unamplified audio
2Ground this pin for Cocktail Table mode
3For High Score Save, No Connect on a switching power supply
4Use 12VDC if using a standard supply
5Sense lines, for switching power supply,
connect +SENSE to 5VDC, and -SENSE to GND

Notes:by Rick Schieve

The 36 VAC is used to derive an internal -29 VDC for the high score table so it is not required for the game to work.

For audio amplification I used an LM380 2 watt audio amp chip available from places like Digi-Key for under $1 as follows.

Pin C from Dig Dug board to one side of 10 K (volume) pot and the other side of the pot to ground. Center tap of pot to pin 2 (of LM380). Pins 7 & 3 ground. Pin 14 to +12 VDC and .1 uf from pin 14 to ground (decoupling cap). Pin 8 (output) has 2.7 ohm in series with .1 uf to ground to prevent chip from oscillating. Positive end of 250 uF electrolytic to pin 8 also. Negative end of cap to speaker and other speaker connection to ground.


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