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Atari's Football (C)1978, 2 player version.

Keyed in by Corey Stup (cstup@coplex.com)
November 15, 1993.

Any other questions about this game, you can reach me at the
above address.  (I still have the full service manual, as well
as 2 working boards)
Note: Pins listed as (L) are marked as active low.

44 position edge connector:

Pin     Description                     Color
----    ------------------------------  ---------
1       16.5 VCT GND                    R/GN
A       16.5 VCT GND                    R/GN
2       +10V Unreg                      R/BK
B       +10V Unreg                      R/BK
3       Watchdog Disable                (No wire)
C       N/C
4       N/C
D       N/C
5       N/C
E       Anode B                         OR/BK
6       Anode D                         OR/W
F       Anode C                         BN
7       Video Out                       V
H       Video Gnd                       W/GN
8       Coin Counter (L)                GR/R
J       Led C2 (L)                      W/BK
9       Led C0 (L)                      W/BN
K       +5V                             R
10      Vert TracBall2 CK               Y/W
L       Vert TracBall2 DIR              W/V
11      Horz TracBall2 CK               GY/W
M       Horz TracBall2 DIR              BU/W
12      Vert TracBall1 DIR              Y/BK
N       Horz TracBall1 DIR              GY/BK
13      Horz TracBall1 CK               BU/BK
P       Vert TracBall1 CK               W/Y
14      Led C3 (L)                      W/R
R       Select 2 (L)                    V/W
15      Test (L)                        W
S       Coin 2 (L)                      Y
16      Coin 1 (L)                      OR
T       Slam (L)                        GY
17      Select 1 (L)                    V/BK
U       Led C1 (L)                      W/OR
18      Speaker                         W/BU
V       Speaker Grd                     BU
19      25 VAC                          OR
W       25 VAC                          OR
20      25 VAC                          OR/BK
X       25 VAC                          OR/BK 
21      GRD                             GY
Y       GRD                             GY
22      GRD                             BK
Z       GRD                             BK

Note, for some reason Atari skips several letters in the service
manual.  This includes: (G,I,O,Q)


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