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                  HYPER SPORTS     
  CKT SIDE                                  PARTS SIDE
-----                                     -----
 A1  -5V                                   B1  +12V
 A2  SP                                    B2  SP
 A3                                        B3               
 A4                                        B4            
 A5  1 PLAY START                          B5  2 PLAY START
 A6  PL 2 JUMP                             B6          
 A7  PL 2 RIGHT/LEFT                       B7  SVC
 A8  PL 1 JUMP                             B8  PL 1 LEFT/RIGHT
 A9  PL 1 RIGHT/LEFT                       B9  4 PLAY START
A10  COIN 1                               B10  COIN 2
A11  3 PLAY START                         B11  COIN CTR
A12  PL 2 LEFT/RIGHT                      B12
A13  VID GN                               B13  VID BL
A14  VID RED                              B14  SYNC
A15                                       B15               
A16  GND                                  B16  GND
A17  GND                                  B17  GND
A18  +5V                                  B18  +5V
          SW  1-4 COIN1---SW  5-8 COIN2  
  DIP SW 1  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8    COIN/CREDIT    
  ALL OFF                                    1/1
            ON              ON               1/2
                ON              ON           1/3
            ON  ON          ON  ON           1/4
                    ON              ON       1/5
            ON      ON      ON      ON       1/6
                ON  ON          ON  ON       1/7
            ON  ON  ON      ON  ON  ON       2/1
                        ON              ON   2/3             
            ON          ON  ON          ON   2/5             
                ON      ON      ON      ON   3/1
            ON  ON      ON  ON  ON      ON   3/2
                    ON  ON          ON  ON   3/4
            ON      ON  ON  ON      ON  ON   4/1
                ON  ON  ON      ON  ON  ON   4/3
            ON  ON  ON  ON  ON  ON  ON  ON   FREE PLAY
  DIP SW 2  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
            ON                               GAME CONTINUE AFTER 7TH EVENT
            OFF                              GAME OVER AFTER 7TH EVENT
                OFF                          TABLE
                ON                           UPRIGHT
                    OFF                      DEMO SND OFF
                    ON                       DEMO SND ON
                        ON                   ALL DATA INITIALIZED AT POWER UP
                        OFF                  DATA ENTERED IS SAVED
                             X                 |
                                 X             |
                             X   X             |
                                     X         |
                             X       X       NORMAL
                                 X   X         |
                             X   X   X         |
                                         X     |
                             X           X     |
                                 X       X     |
                             X   X       X     |
                                     X   X   HARD
                             X       X   X     |
                                 X   X   X     |
                             X   X   X   X     |


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