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From: nsayer@quack.kfu.com (Nick Sayer)
Subject: New Tempest.pin
Message-ID: <nkkgvH0@quack.kfu.com>
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Organization: The Duck Pond public unix, +1 408 249 9630, log in as guest.
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 21:13:25 UTC
Lines: 81

I have come across a complete set of Tempest Cabaret documentation
(which I am gleefully copying). I took a moment and compared the
Tempest.pin to the schematic and have come up with this new version:


Pinouts for "Tempest" (Atari, 1980)
2/13/96  Changed `-SENSE (-5V)' to `-SENSE (GND)'
         Franklin Bowen (mjrhavoc@clark.net or tfbowen@ingr.com)
3/26/96  Changed lots of pins referenced to "Cabaret" schematics.

P20: 44-pin edge connector

        component side        solder side
        --------------        -----------
          +5VDC RETURN  A  1  +5VDC RETURN
                 +5VDC  B  2  +5VDC
                        C  3  +22VDC
                        D  4  -22VDC
                COIN R  E  5  SLAM
                COIN C  F  6  COIN L
             DIAG STEP  H  7  SELF TEST
                 X INV  J  8  OUT 5 (not used)
                 Y INV  K  9  BLUE
                 GREEN  L 10  RED
            COIN CTR R  N 12  COIN CTR L
            COIN CTR C  P 13  PWR GND
               PWR GND  R 14  +10.3 VDC UNREG
              Y INVERT  S 15  X INVERT
                 X OUT  T 16  X GND
                 Y GND  U 17  Y OUT
                ~RESET  V 18  E (2.4 kHz clock)
                -22VDC  W 19
                +22VDC  X 20
                 +5VDC  Y 21  +SENSE (+5V)
          +5VDC RETURN  Z 22  -SENSE (GND)

C, D, 19 & 20 appear to be unused

P18: 30-pin edge connector

        component side        solder side
        --------------        -----------
          +5VDC RETURN  A  1  +5VDC RETURN
                 +5VDC  B  2  +5VDC
                 ~COCK  C  3  +22VDC
                AUDIO-  D  4  -22VDC
         AUDIO- RETURN  E  5  AUDIO+
                ~RESET  F  6  AUDIO+ RETURN
                  CLK1  H  7  CLK2
                  DIR1  J  8  DIR2
                 FIRE2  K  9  FIRE1
                  ZAP2  L 10  ZAP1
              P2 START  M 11  P1 START
                -22VDC  N 12  P1 LED
                +22VDC  P 13  P2 LED
                 +5VDC  R 14  +5VDC
          +5VDC RETURN  S 15  +5VDC RETURN


"RETURN" pins are ground, but specifically for the voltages

Ground ~COCK if you're installing in a cocktail table, and
connect X INV to X INVERT and Y INV to Y INVERT. Hook up a 2nd
set of controls to CLK2, DIR2, FIRE2 and ZAP2 and the game will
"flip" for 2 player games.


Nick Sayer <nsayer@quack.kfu.com>  | Nick's rule of hardware customizing:
+1 408 249 9630, log in as 'guest' | The factory settings are never right.
URL: http://www.kfu.com/~nsayer/   | 


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