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                  TIME PILOT 84 

  CKT SIDE                                  PARTS SIDE

-----                                     -----

 A1                                        B1  +12V

 A2  SP                                    B2  SP

 A3  PL 2 SHOOT 1                          B3  PL 2 SHOOT 2

 A4  PL 2 LEFT                             B4  PL 2 RIGHT

 A5  1 PLAY START                          B5  2 PLAY START

 A6  PL 1 SHOOT 2                          B6  PL 2 UP

 A7  PL 1 SHOOT 1                          B7  SVC

 A8  PL 1 RIGHT                            B8  PL 1 LEFT

 A9  PL 1 UP                               B9  PL 2 DOWN

A10  COIN 1                               B10  COIN 2

A11  PL 1 DOWN                            B11  COIN CTR

A12                                       B12

A13  VID GN                               B13  VID BL

A14  VID RED                              B14  SYNC

A15                                       B15

A16  GND                                  B16  GND

A17  GND                                  B17  GND

A18  +5V                                  B18  +5V


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