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John Butler (jbutle2@ibm.net) wrote:
: I have two Scramble Spirits boards ( Sega System 24 ) with floppy drives. 
: I would love to have the pinouts.  What other games were system 24 games?  

: I also have a rough rangers board set and marquee etc.   Does anyone have
: the pinouts for this?

Greg is correct, "Scramble Spirits" does use the standard Sega 28-pin
input/output configuration. AND, since "Scramble Spirits" is a System-24
game, you DO need a medium resolution monitor for proper display.

                SEGA 28 pin input/output assignments

          Component Side       Pin #     Solder Side

          Ground               1   A     Ground
          Ground               2   B     Ground
          +5 Volts DC          3   C     +5 Volts DC
          +5 Volts DC          4   D     +5 Volts DC
          +12 Volts DC         5   E     +12 Volts DC
          Coin Meter 1         6   F     Coin Meter 2
          Not Used             7   H     Not Used
          Player 1  Switch A   8   J     Player 2  Switch A
          Player 1  Switch B   9   K     Player 2  Switch B         
          Player 1  Switch C   10  L     Player 2  Switch C
          Not Used             11  M     Not Used
          Player 1  Down       12  N     Player 2  Down
          Player 1  Up         13  P     Player 2  Up
          Player 1  Right      14  R     Player 2  Right
          Player 1  Left       15  S     Player 2  Left
          Not Used             16  T     Not Used
          Not Used             17  U     Not Used
          Not Used             18  V     Not Used
          Not Used             19  W     Not Used
          Coin Switch  1       20  X     Player 1  Start Switch
          Coin Switch  2       21  Y     Player 2  Start Switch
          Test Switch          22  Z     Not Used
          Service Switch       23  a     Not Used
          Speaker (+)          24  b     Speaker (-)
          Monitor Red          25  c     Monitor Green
          Monitor Blue         26  d     Composite Sync
          Ground               27  e     Ground
          Ground               28  f     Ground

Other System 24 games include: "Crackdown", "Hot Rod", and "Gain Ground".

"Rough Ranger" uses the Jamma standard pinout connector.

God bless your soul if you don't know what the Jamma standard pinout is :)

                                                       DCI #3


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