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Nintendo TKG-23-16 based Arcade Joysticks

Care and Feeding of your Nintendo Joystick

Normal maintenance for Nintendo joysticks is to apply a drop of 3-in-1 oil on the bearing if the joystick feels sticky or doesn't always return to center when released.

If you are restoring or cleaning an old gummed up assembly, you may want to disassemble it, clean the bearing thoroughly with solvent, or WD-40 to get most of the gunk out, then clean it again with warm soapy water.  Dry the base with compressed air to remove any moisture, then re-lubricate the bearing as normal.  While you have the stick apart, if you find you have worn pieces, we carry a complete line of replacements parts for these joysticks in the online store.

lubrication points
Nintendo Joystick Ball and Shaft assemblies

Sample joystick

From left to right:

  1. TKGU Stick - Original w/30mm Ball
    (Used in uprights with wood control panels)
  2. TKGU Stick - Reproduction w/30mm Ball
  3. TKG Stick - Original w/25mm Ball
    (Used in the following table games: DK, DKJr, DK3 and Popeye)
  4. TKG Stick - Reproduction w/25mm Ball
  5. TMAU Stick - Original w/28mm Ball
    (Used in Mario Bros, DK3 and Punch-Out!!,
    Playchoice, and VS. Unisystems Uprights
    as well as the VS. Unisystem "Red Tent" Table)
  6. TMAU Stick - Reproduction w/30mm Ball
  7. CHSU Stick - Original w/28mm Ball
    (Super Punch-Out!!)

Joystick and Ball length measurements

Nintendo Joystick ball and shaft assemblies are measured from the top of the ball, to the top of the E-Clip slot.

length measurement
TKG-23-50 - Donkey Kong Cocktail Joystick

4-way joystick TKG-23-50, with a 25mm Ball Top. The total length of the ball and shaft assembly is 82 mm.

Also used in Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong 3 and Popeye tables.

TKGU-23-50 - Donkey Kong Upright

4-Way joystick TKG-23-50, with a 30mm ball top. The total length of the ball and shaft assembly is 86 mm.

Also used in Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong 3 and Popeye uprights

TMAU-14-16 - Mario Bros Upright

2-way, TKG-23-50 based, shaft is shorter by 5 mm below the ball top, plastic base plate added for metal control panel installation. 28mm Ball Top is molded on the joystick shaft. Ball and stick assembly measures 80.5 mm long.

DCKU-14-11 - Donkey Kong 3 Upright

4-Way. Same stick as Mario Bros, with the 2-way guide plate replaced with an 4-way guide plate. Ball and stick assembly measures 80.5 mm long

Also used in Punch-Out!! Uprights

MDST-14-12 - VS Unisystem upright and cocktail (Red Tent)

8-Way. Same Joystick as the Mario Bros Joystick, with the 2-way guide plate replaced with an 8-way guide plate. Ball and stick assembly measures 80.5 mm long.

Also used in Playchoice Uprights

CHSU-14-11 - Super Punch-Out!!

5-Way. Up/Down/Left/Right/(Pull Up). Same stick as Donkey Kong 3, with an additional switch on the bottom of the joystick for "duck", to trip the switch the joystick is pulled straight up?? This modification requires a new joystick shaft with threads on the bottom to accommodate the 'bell', and an extra bracket to hold the additional micro switch. The Ball and stick assembly is 80.5 mm long, with an additional 6 mm of threads for the 'bell'. The normal measurement is the same as a TMAU stick

CHVU-14-11 - Arm Wrestling Upright

3-Way. Left/Right/(Pull up) Same stick as Super Punch-Out!!, with the 4-way guide plate replaced with a 2-way guide plate and an extra Rubber Guide Plate under the 2-way guide plate. 101.5 mm long shaft and ball. (Length needs to be verified)



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