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Converting Joust 2 to Inferno.

This file is best viewed with a monospaced font.

WARNING: Use this information at your own risk. I make no guarantee as to
the accuracy of this information. Mucking around with your valuable Joust
2 boardset is not something you should do lightly. I had a spare, so I
wasn't too worried.

Inferno runs on practically the same hardware as Joust 2. All that's
required to convert a Joust 2 to Inferno is swapping in the ROMs, adding
a couple RAM chips and changing some jumpers. It's a pretty easy
conversion, even for a novice.

In case you were wondering, Mystic Marathon can not be converted easily.
The hardware is slightly different and there's not enough pins on the
controller connectors for Inferno's controls.

I've never seen a Turkey Shoot, so I couldn't say if it could be
converted or not.

Parts required:

16 - 2764 blank EPROMs.
2 - 2732 blank EPROMs
2 - 6116 RAM chips
Soldering Tools
Wire snips

1. Burn a set of Inferno ROMs from the set available on the internet.
There's three sets floating around. Only one set is complete. One has
corrupt graphics ROMs, and one is missing the graphics ROMs. The correct
set has 18 ROMs, numbered icXX.inf.
You'll notice that ic9.inf and ic10.inf are 4k. Burn these files onto
your two 2732 ROMs and burn the rest onto 2764's.

2. Remove all the Joust 2 ROMs, making note of their locations, in case
you ever want to convert it back.

3. Plug in your freshly burnt ROMs into the sockets that correspond to
the filenames.

4. You'll notice that Joust 2 had a ROM in IC55 and Inferno has no ROM
named IC55. Inferno uses RAM in both IC54 and IC55. This is where you
should plug in the 6116 RAM chips. There's several compatible RAM chips
you can use if you don't have a 6116. TMM2016AP-10's and M58725P's will
work just as well.

5. In order for IC55 to be used as RAM, you'll need to change some
jumpers. Right next to IC55, you should see two jumpers. They look like

      !        !
W13  od       od  W14

      !        !
W15  od-------od  W16

Do what you need to do to make them like this:

     !        !
W13  do       do  W14

     !        !
W15  do-------do  W16

6. The graphics ROMs for Inferno are accessed a little differently than
Joust 2. There's a set of jumpers right next to IC57 that look like this:

              !        !
          W8  do       do  W7

     !        !
W10  d        d

Do what you need to do to make them like this:

          W8  oo       po  W7
W10  o        d

7. There's a jumper across W1. Move it to W2. This turns on the color

8. You should leave the Joust 2 sound board untouched. Leave it hooked up
just as it has always been.

9. You will, of course, have to do something about the controls. There's
enough pins on Joust 2's controller connectors. You can go into the test
mode's switch test screen and figure it out or find the pinouts on the

That's it! You should now have a working Inferno.

Tim Lindquist
Replace spamsucks with dnai to emailme.

Do NOT email me asking for the ROMs for Inferno. They're out there. Find


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