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This document will detail the wiring necessary to convert a QIX
boardset to run on a JAMMA harness.
It is assumed that you have the following:
1) A working QIX boardset consisting of the Video Processor PCB,
   the ROM I/O PCB and the Data/Sound PCB.
2) The 50pin ribbon cables that connect these 3 boards together.
3) The metal mounting plate that holds all 3 boards.
4) (preferably) the original wiring harness (not necessary, but it
   makes things MUCH easier!)

In case you DO have the original harness, I have included the wire
colors from the manual wiring diagram.

You will also need:
1 - 10uf capacitor
1 - 10K resistor
1 - diode (value not critical?)
1 - Jamma edge connector (and the Jamma connection chart from Spies)
1 - Hex inverter chip (RS#________)
1 - .01uf capacitor

I recommend that you read through the whole document BEFORE you start.
Do this with the board set in front of you, and identify the various
wires as you go. It will be easier if you group the wires based on their
destination. For example, get all the ground connections together and deal
with them as a unit. Do the same with +5v, MRST etc. Also, I have listed
all of the +5v, gnd, etc, but I found that it worked fine with only one
of each per board. (in other words, the video board shows 2 +5v pins and 4
ground pins. I only connected ONE +5v and ONE ground on this board to get
it running)

The mounting plate these boards are supposed to be attached to serves as a
ground connection. They should be screwed to this plate to ensure proper

Also, apparently the game won't run unless the 2 pins on J19 of the video
board are connected together. I gather that these are hooked up to a
switch that is closed when the coin door is closed, for normal operation.

***Special Note about operation****
The video board has (or had), a NiCad battery soldered to it. If it's still
there, get rid of it! If it hasn't leaked all over your board, it will!
It powers chips that hold the game settings. This can be replaced if you want,
but the board will run without it. I haven't tried replacing it, since the
board won't be in operation for long enough each time to completly charge it,
and it will lose charge (or leak) in storage.

As a result, when the game is powered up, instead of going to attract mode,
it detects a loss of battery power and goes to option select screens.
(specifically, the language select screen). To get out of this, pin #1 of
the ROM board (Adv. Test) needs to be grounded momentarily 4 times to advance
to play mode. I simply connected this wire to an unused switch (in this case
I used the Jamma Player #2 Fire switch). I hit this until I get to the attract
mode, at which time the game accepts coins and starts. 

Before we get started, there are 2 connections that will require
some "special attention". These are detailed in Notes #1 and #2 below:

* Note #1)
The first is the video sync connection. Qix uses separate vertical and
horizontal sync connections in the dedicated cabinet. To make it worse,
these are Positive sync. Jamma expects to see negative composite sync.
The wiring diagram that came with Qix shows separate Vert and Hor sync
connections only. The schematic shows a composite pin. This makes it a
little easier. Since this connection is positive composite, it will need
to be inverted. That's where the hex inverter comes in. Here are the
connections for the hex inverter:

 Pos comp sync in---->-|1   14|-<--- +5v
Neg comp sync out---->-|2    /|
                       |    / |
                       |.01uf |
                       |  /   |
                       | /    |
              Gnd   ---|7     |

Connect pin #2 from J2 of the Video processor PCB to pin #1 of the Hex
inverter (We'll call it HC for short). Connect pin #2 of HC to the sync
pin of Jamma. Connect pin #7 of HC to Jamma ground, and pin #14 of HC to
Jamma +5v. Connect one end the .01uf capacitor to HC pin #7 and the other
end to HC pin #14. 

* Note #2)
The second "special" connection is the MRST line, or Memory Reset.
There are 3 of these wires. On the original harness they are white in color
and are found on pin #14 of J1 on the Video board, pin #14 on J11 of the ROM
board and pin #14 on J1 of the Sound board. Bring all 3 of these wires together.
I'll try to show how they connect to the Jamma connector:
					 /   +[10uf cap](-)---> Jamma Ground
---------\				/
--------- >	MRST	-----------> ----[10K resistor]---> Jamma +5v
---------/				\
					 \---[Diode (banded end->)--> Jamma +5v

Twist the 3 MRST wires together and bring them close to where pins 1&2 (gnd)
and pins 3&4 (+5v) are on your Jamma connector. Connect the (+) end of the
10uf cap to the MRST wires and the (-) end to Jamma ground. Next, solder
one end of the 10K resistor to the MRST line, and the other end to Jamma +5v.
Parallel to the resistor, solder the non-banded end of the diode the MRST line,
and the banded end to Jamma +5v. That's it! All of the other connections are
fairly straight forward as listed below.

* Video Processor PCB - # 08-00001-001 *
Connector "J2"
01|   |n/c
02|   |Composite Sync.	------>	* See note #1 above --> Jamma Sync
03|   |n/c
04|   |Gnd.-SHIELD    	------>	Jamma Video Gnd.
05|   |n/c
06|   |n/c
07|   |n/c
08|   |n/c
09|   |n/c
10|BLU|Blu.Vid.		------>	Jamma Vid Blue
11|GRN|Grn.Vid.		------>	Jamma Vid Green
12|   |n/c
13|   |n/c
14|RED|Red.Vid.		------>	Jamma Vid Red

Connector "J19"
01|BLK|Gnd.				|Jumper these |
02|WHT|Memory Protect Sw.	|2 together   |

Connector "J1"
      01/02|RED|+5V	------>	Jamma +5V
03/05/07/11|BLK|Gnd.	------>	Jamma Gnd.
         04|BRN|-5V	------>	Jamma -5V
         06|YEL|+12V	------>	Jamma +12V
	   14|WHT|MRST	------>	* See note #2 above
all other n/c

* ROM I/O PCB - # 08-00003-001 *
Connector "J15"
01|YEL    |Adj./Test	------>	Jamma Player 2 Fire (to advance)
02|GRN    |Sub.Test	------>	(optional)
03|BLU    |Slew Up	------>	(optional)
04|VIO    |Slew Dn.	------>	(optional)
05|BRN    |Left Coin	------>	Jamma coin 1
06|RED    |Right Coin	------>	Jamma coin 2
08|ORG    |Tilt		------>	(not necessary)
09|       |n/c
10|BLK    |Gnd.		------>	Jamma Gnd.
11|WHT    |Coin Lock Out------>	(not necessary)
12|WHT/BLK|Coin Lock Out------>	(not necessary)
13|       |n/c
14|GRY    |+12V		------>	Jamma +12V

Connector "J16"
01|BLK|Gnd.			------>	Jamma Gnd.
02|   |n/c
03|BRN|Left			------>	Jamma Left
04|RED|Down			------>	Jamma Down
05|ORG|Up			------>	Jamma Up
06|YEL|Right		------>	Jamma Right
07|GRN|Slow Draw		------>	Jamma Player 1, button 2
08|BLU|2P			------>	Jamma Player 2, Start
09|VIO|Fast Draw		------>	Jamma Player 1, button 1
10|GRY|1P			------>	Jamma Player 1, Start
11|   |n/c
12|   |n/c
13|   |n/c
14|   |n/c

Connector "J11"
   01/02|RED|+5V		------>	Jamma +5V
03/05/11|BLK|Gnd		------>	Jamma Gnd.
      12|GRN|+12V		------>	Jamma +12V
      13|   | n/c
      14|WHT|MRST		------>	* See note #2 above

* DATA/SOUND PCB - # 08-00002-001 *
Connector "J1"
      01/02|RED|+5V	------>	Jamma +5V
03/05/07/11|BLK|Gnd.	------>	Jamma Gnd.
         04|BRN|-5V	------>	Jamma -5V
         06|YEL|+12V	------>	Jamma +12V
         08|ORG|-12V	------>	Jamma -5V
         09|   |n/c
         10|BLU|+12V	------>	Jamma +12V
      12/13|   |n/c
         14|WHT|MRST	------>	* See note #2 above

Connector "J7"
01|ORG|Speaker (right)	------>	Jamma Speaker +
02|BLK|Gnd.			------>	Jamma Speaker -
03|YEL|Speaker (left)	------>	not needed
04|BLK|Gnd.			------>	not needed

Connector "J8"
01/04|   |n/c


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