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Nintendo Arcade Video Game list

This list contains both Nintendo Arcade games and
games that run on Nintendo Arcade game platforms

M Monitor Orientation (H = Horizontal, V = Vertical)
ID is the prefix for the board sets

Official Releases
M   Game Name ID Manufacturer Year    Notes
H Arm Wrestling CHV Nintendo 1985 36-pin
V Block Fever TBF Nintendo 1978  
V Bomb Bee-N TBB Namco/Nintendo 1979  
H Computer Othello (B&W TV) COG Nintendo 1978  
V Donkey Kong TKG Nintendo 1981 1, 2
V Donkey Kong 3 DKC Nintendo 1983 1
V Donkey Kong Jr. DJR Nintendo 1982 1
V Galaxian TSC Namco/Nintendo? 1979 4
V Head On-N THO Sega/Nintendo 1979 3
V Heli Fire TUB Nintendo 1980 3
H Mario Bros. TMA Nintendo 1983 1
V Monkey Magic TZF Nintendo 1979 3
H Popeye TPP Nintendo 1982 1
H Punch Out!! CHP Nintendo 1984 36-pin
H R-Type RTP Irem/Nintendo 1987 JAMMA
V Radar Scope TRS Nintendo 1980 2
V Sheriff TWG Nintendo 1979 3
H Sky Skipper TNX Nintendo 1982  
V Space Demon SDM* Fortrek/Nintendo 1981 3
V Space Fever (B&W) TSF Nintendo 1979 3
V Space Fever Color TSF Nintendo 1979 3
V SF-Hisplitter TSF Nintendo 1979 3
V Space Firebird TST Nintendo 1980 3
V Space Thunderbird TSS* Fortrek/Nintendo 1981 4, 6
V Space Launcher TDL Nintendo 1979 3, 5
H Super Punch-Out!! CHS Nintendo 1984 36-pin


* Space Demon boards were marked FORTREK instead of SDM
as the board prefix, but the roms are still marked SDM.

* Space Thunderbird boards have no markings, roms marked TSS

Pinout Class Notes:

  1. 'Nintendo Classic' is the Card Edge connection
  2. 'Radar Scope' is the small connectors
  3. 'Nintendo' is the small connectors - Pre Radar Scope
  4. Galaxian/Moon Cresta Hardware
  5. Space Fever Hardware, Rom swap
  6. 'Nintendo' harness with edge connector conversion to the board

DK and DKJr pcbs have both Classic and Radar Scope style connectors

3rd party conversion kits
M   Game Name ID Manufacturer Year    Notes
V 8-Ball Action Seatongrove Ltd 1984 ***
? Drakton EPOS 1984 ***
V Herbie at the Olympics Seatongrove Ltd 1984 ***
V Hero in the Castle of Doom Seatongrove/Crown 1984 ***
V Hunch Back Century Electronics 1983 ***
V Shooting Gallery Zaccaria 1984 ***
V Street Heat EPOS 1985 ***
V Special Forces   Magic/Senko ** 1985 ***
V Special Forces II   Magic/Senko** 1985 ***
V Super Bike Crown Vending Corp 1984 ***


** Magic/Senko is Magic Elec, Inc and Senko Industries
*** 3rd Party ROM conversion kit for DK and DKJr boards

Playchoice - PCKG

H Playchoice 10 Cabinet Nintendo 1986 Playchoice
H Playchoice Cabinet Nintendo 1986 Playchoice
H 1942 Capcom 1987
H Balloon Fight Nintendo 1984
H Baseball Nintendo 1984
H Baseball Stars S.N.K 1989
H Captian Skyhawk Rare 1989
H Castlevania Konami 1987
H Contra Konami 1988
H Double Dragon Technos 1988
H Double Dribble Konami 1987
H Dr Mario Nintondo 1984
H Duck Hunt Nintendo 1984
H Excitebike Nintendo 1984
H Fester's Quest Sun Corp 1989
H Gauntlet Atari 1985
H Goonies Konami 1986
H Gradius Konami 1986
H Hogan's Alley Nintendo 1984
H Kung Fu Irem 1984
H Mario Bros. Nintendo 1984
H Mario's Open Golf Nintendo 1991
H Mega Man III Capcom 1990
H Metroid Nintendo 1986
H Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! Nintendo 1987
H Ninja Gaiden Technos 1989
H Ninja Gaiden 2 Technos 1990
H Ninja Gaiden 3 Technos 1991
H Nintendo World Cup Technos 1990
H Power Blade Taito 1991
H Pin Bot Williams/Rare Ltd 1986
H Pro Wresting Nintendo 1986
H Rad Racer II Square 1990
H R.C.Pro-Am Nintendo 19??
H Rescue Rangers Capcom 19??
H Rockin' Cats Atlus 1991
H Rush N' Attack Konami 1987
H Rygar Techmo 1987
H Shatterhand Jaleco 1991
H Solar Jetman Rare Ltd 1990
H Super C Konami 1990
H Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 1985
H Super Mario 2 Nintendo 1988
H Super Mario 3 Nintendo 1988
H Tecmo Bowl Tecmo 1989
H Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Konami 1989
H Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Konami 1990
H Tennis Nintendo 1983
H Track & Field Konami 1987
H Trojan Williams/Rare Ltd 1986
H Vollyball Nintendo 1986
H Wild Gunman Nintendo 1984
H Yo! Noid Capcom 1990
Super System JAMMA

H Nintendo Super System Cabinet Nintendo 1991 Super System
H ActRaiser Ennix/Quintet 1991
H F-Zero Nintendo 1990
H Super Mario World Nintendo 1991
H Super Tennis Tokyo Shoseki 1991
H NCAA Basketball Hal America 1992
H Skins Game, The Irem 1992
H Addams family, The Ocean 1991
H Robo Cop 3 Ocean/Irem 1992
H Lethal Weapon Ocean 1992
H Push-Over Ocean/Red Rat 1992
VS System - MDS

H Nintendo Vs. Dual Upright System Nintendo 1984 VS System
H Atari RBI Baseball Atari 1987
H Babel no Tou Namco 198?
H Balloon Fight Nintendo 1984
H Baseball Nintendo 1984
H Castlevania Konami 1987
H Clu Clu Land 1985
H Dr. Mario Nintendo 1990
H Duck Hunt Nintendo 1985
H Excitebike Nintendo 1985
H Family Boxing Namco/Woodplace 198?
H Family Stadium '87 Namco 1987
H Family Stadium '88 Namco 1988
H Family Tennis Namco 198?
H Freedom Force Nintendo 1988
H Golf Nintendo 1984
H Gong Fight Kaneko 1984
H Goonies Konami 1986
H Gradius Nintendo 1986
H Gumshoe Nintendo 1986
H Hogan's Alley Nintendo 1985
H Ice Climber Nintendo 1984
H Ladies Golf Nintendo 1985
H Mach Rider Nintendo 1985
H Madoula no Tsubasa Sunsoft 198?
H Mahjang Nintendo 1984
H Mighty Bombjack Techmo 1986
H PAC-MAN Midway 198?
H Pinball Nintendo 1984
H Platoon Nintendo 1988
H Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium Namco 1986?
H Quest of Ki Namco/Game Studio 198?
H Raid On Bungling Bay Broderbund 1985
H Sky Kid Namco 1988
H Slalom Rare Ltd 1986
H Soccer Nintendo 1986
H Stroke & Match Golf Nintendo 1984
H Super Chinese Namco/Culture Brain 1988
H Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 1986
H Tennis Nintendo 1984
H Tetris Academy 1987
H TKO Boxing Namco/Woodplace 1987
H Top Gun Konami 1988
H Trojan Capcom 1987
H Urban Champion Nintendo 1985
H Vollyball Nintendo 1986
H Walkure no Bouken Namco 198?
H Wild Gunman Nintendo 1984
H Wrecking Crew Nintendo 1984

Believed to be Nintendo or available on Nintendo hardware but not sure

  • Vs Super Xevious
  • Vs Head to Head Baseball
  • RBI Baseball  (Atari) Playchoice
  • Gee Bee (Namco)
  • Cutie-Q (Namco)

A really great reference with lots of photos is available on UKVAC
Nintendo Video Arcade Machine Reference 1978-1985


  • Vs Super Chinese, is it a Vs. version of Chinese Hero?

- Mike -

Last Update: July 20, 2019


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