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A Mixed Bag of Information

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) and Mailing Lists

The addresses FAQ The game auctions FAQ (1 March 1993)
Game Collector Evolution FAQ The game buying FAQ (31 March 1998)
RGB -> VGA conversions FAQ RGVAC FAQ (Nov, 1997)
RGVAM FAQ (Nov, 1997) Switch Settings FAQ
Sega XY FAQ 1.6 Bally/Midway MCR System FAQ V1.4
The Arcade Games Folklore/Nostalgia List
rec.games.video.arcade Mailserver and FTP information
Galaga Error Codes (NAMCO/Midway)

CPU Reference Cards

1802 2650 6502 650x 65C02
6800 68000 68008 6801 68010
6802 6803 6805 6808 6809
6809E 680x 8021 8022 8041
8048 804x 8080A 8085A 8086
8088 9900 9940 9980 J-11
LSI-11 Macro-11 NSC800 PDP-11 T-11
Z8 Z80 Z8000 Z8001 Z8002

Chip Info & Cross Reference Lists

Bi-Polar PROM Cross Reference EPROM Cross Reference
Component Cross Reference List How to read 9316 ROMS
A Big List of IC Pinouts TMS 2716 pinouts

Arcade Game History

Army Battlezone, part 1 Army Battlezone, part 2
Tron Design Document SpaceWar History
Steve Ozdemir's Cinematronics History V2.0

Atari Game Hardware Info

BLJohn's Atari ROM and Manual List Asteroids Error Codes
Part Numbers for Atari Manuals Star Wars Repair Hints
Info on Tempest ROM revisions Trak Ball Basics
Greg Woodcock's XY Repair FAQ v6.1 Wintron replacement HV pinout

Cinematronics Game Hardware

Cinematronics Repair Hints Cinematronics HV Tech

Williams Game Hardware Info

Williams ROM Revs Typical Failures of Early Williams Games
Defender Error Codes Defender Setup
Robotron Repair Hints Sinistar Joystick Hack
Stargate Control Panel Robotron Bug
Joust ROMs correction & Robotron bug detailed info

Board Lists

Identifiying Unknown Boards BLJohn's Game number lists
David Holcomb's Game list May 22,1995
Jim Hernandez's Game list Sep, 1999 (3700+ games)
Game List Capcom Game List
DECO Board List Exidy Board List
Fabtek Game List Gottlieb Game Info
Gremlin/Sega Board List Sega Japan Game List
Sega Prom List Sega Converta Game ROM numbers
Irem Board List Jaleco Game List
Kaneko Game List Konami Board Numbers (V3.2)
Nintendo Game List Omori Electric Board list
Orca Board list NAMCO Games In Japan
Nichibutsu Game List Seibu Game List
SNK Board List Taito Board List
Taito Game List Toaplan Game List
Universal Game List UPL Game List

Board and Manual Info

Cinemat System Debugging
Hanterex Repair article Page 1  Page 2  Page 3
JAMMA Origins paper JAMMA Game List
Out Run FAQ Omega Race Encoder
Power Supply Repair Raster Monitors
Star Tech Pointer Address For WICO

Misc Monitor Info

Bad Monitor Capacitors and Symptoms
A CMOS self-powered sync inverter/combiner
Nintendo video inversion (from Joel Rosenzweig)
Using Older Nintendo Monitors in New Conversions
Nintendo colour inversion Nintendo color inverter
Scan of color inverter schematic Wells-Garner NTSC converter pinout

Game Cheats

Cheat List Info Arcade Cheat List from 28 Apr 1992
Ghosts 'N Goblins Story & How-to-play Mortal Kombat Moves
Mortal Kombat 2 Moves Mortal Kombat 3 FAQ
How to WIN at NBA JAM! PacMan Gold Bar
Samurai Shodown FAQ part 1/2 SF2 FAQ
SF2 Ken SF2 Moves


Coin Op Database readme Coin Op Database zip file
Lower Mainland Arcade Guide Coin-Op Museum List of Games
The Virtual Coin-Op Museum Williams Web Page Announcement


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